Is Diabetes a Disease ?

Author:Smridhi Gupta




A common thinking among diabetic patients is the diabetes is a disease but this is not true, diabetes is a disorder or we can say the malfunctioning of an organ of the body. Eating sweets would not make you diabetic but being overweight  would.


Also like every other thing in your body from facial features to the ability of  having a flexible tongue is influenced by your genes, diabetes can also be genetical.

The most common type of diabetes is Type-2 diabetes, Type-1 is with children below 20 years of age and type 2 occurs in a later stage of life.

The pancreas ( an organ located near the stomach ) secretes a hormone - insulin this is a very vital hormone.


Insulin is responsible for the conversion of excess glucose or excess fat in your body to glycogen which is stored under the skin. Insulin has a couple of other features also but the conversion of glucose to glycogen is just one of them.


If insulin is not secreted as per the requirements then excess glucose flows in the blood, if this happens for a considerable period of time it leads to a Complex disorder called Diabetes mellitus. Since excess glucose is still in the blood it is to be removed through excess urination but this leads to loss in water and dehydration of tissues.

Now the question that arises is that why would insulin not be produced ?


Insulin is a hormone and hormone has a specific cell or a group of cells to work upon, this is called ta target cell  or cells. Sometimes these cells become less sensitive to  hormones due to a change in their chemical properties this means that we cannot detect the hormone and so a resistance develops towards the hormone.

Some diabetic patients are often treated with insulin therapy. Diabetes can not be cured but it can definitely be controlled.