Whats Wrong With Smoking?

Author:Smridhi Gupta




Ignoring The deadly Picture of a cancer patient on a pack; many people everyday, reduce the chances of their Survival by smoking.

many people don't know why and how smoking causes Cancer and a majority of smokers are not interested in the topic at all. but it is our duty to know what we and are loved ones are consuming. A cigarette is made of nicotine ,tar and carbon monoxide mostly and tobacco is the preparation of nicotine leaves.

A Gene( the seat of DNA) is in each and every cell of a body is responsible for preventing the cancer cells from evolving and tobacco damage is this gene thereby, increasing the risk of cancer.

Also, tobacco smoke is known to have more than 60 cancer causing Chemicals a lesser known fact is that a passive smoker or any person around a smoker is more adversely affected than the active smoker that is the smoker himself. so, let's save ourselves as well as our loved ones and quit smoking to live a better, longer and healthier life.